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  Student Life

Each school day, upon arrival, students will have a few minutes to “settle in” before jumping into academic time.

Throughout the day, students move to and from developmental work, periods of movement and meditation, instructional class time, project-based work, or recess, depending on grade level and specific correlating schedules. If you have questions regarding your child’s schedule, please talk to your teacher or the school director.

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Students are required to pack a lunch, a snack, and a drink (students should always bring and carry refillable water bottles throughout the school day), and are encouraged to take as much time as they need to eat. Recess is enjoyed either before or after lunch, depending on grade level.

Students of all ages will have at least one recess break per day.

We recognize that students are working hard while they’re at school, and sometimes our brains simply need a break, even if it’s not during a scheduled recess break time. Teachers will be aware of the individual needs of our students and work with them to allow the “downtime” they require to thrive.

Classes such as Spanish, art, music, health, and physical education related activities like yoga, dance and movement, ski club, gymnastics, etc. will be held throughout the week/school year. Clubs are also a student favorite and will include some student choice.

Justice Committee (JC) sessions are typically held daily unless there are no items to discuss. Students of all ages participate in the JC on a rotating basis, for a period of one week, along with one staff member. SSP embraces restorative justice when dealing with conflict at school.

School Meeting is held once a week and is attended by all students and staff. Here, students and staff discuss and vote on school issues, rules, and suggestions.

Light Chores:

We have an obligation to keep our school neat and clean and to care for and respect the beautiful space entrusted to us. Students will be expected to clean up after themselves, and most days will end with rotating responsibilities of light chores, such as sweeping the floors and dusting before dismissal.