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  What Is The Summit School Of The Poconos?

Many children fail to thrive in a traditional public or private school setting, and experts say that sixty-five percent of today’s school-age children will work in a job that doesn’t yet exist. If we are to address that concern, we must not “teach to the test,” we must not possess a strong deference to the clock, we must not teach by placing academic subjects in “silos.” In response to an overwhelming need for local school choice and systemic change in educational paradigms, a group of concerned local parents, community members, and educators have partnered together to launch Summit School of the Poconos. 

Through a project-based curriculum combined with teacher-led instruction in a setting that encourages movement, students will practice critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Learning is not only measured by the knowledge an individual possesses, but by a capability to apply it, and we believe the learning process should be valued as much as the results. This method of education will prepare students for the competitive, evolving workforce of tomorrow.

In the twenty-first century, we have seen both growth in democracy and threats toward democracy around the world, and today, perhaps more than ever, our country is in need of young leaders. Summit School of the Poconos will embrace a democrat-rich environment in which students will play an active role in their school community by voting on rules and practicing peaceful resolution of conflict through a justice committee.

By integrating democracy with project-based learning experiences and a solid and comprehensive foundation from which to explore and move, students will learn how to compete in a global world and participate as active, engaged members of their society.

Students observe a bird protecting her nest at Trout Lake.